What’s So Bad About Patriotism?

via Opinion 

Who would have thought that we would one day live in a society where Patriotism would be so highly frowned upon and despised? And even more so that anti-nationalism would be such a trend. The deterioration of patriotism can be seen steadily declining in recent years. According to the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, from as late as 2003, Americans were the most patriotic people on earth. So what happened?


As of today, only 34% are extremely proud of this great Nation. One could pin a direct relation between these numbers and the lack of American History being taught in schools. I can vividly remember growing up in the public school system and studying our history as a Nation. Perhaps, I’m one of the last few to make it before we changed focus from a national identity to a globalist one.

Now we live in a world where deliberately insulting the Nation, one that has brought us the freedoms we enjoy, is more common place than showcasing gratitude towards it. This, partnered with an increasingly hate filled rhetoric by political figures, has created the perfect storm. In an article written by the New York Times, a survey said that “In general, millennials have more appetite for egalitarian principles than older people.”

Egalitarianism, holistically speaking, is fine. However, there are two variations to this word that are more often used. Economic egalitarianism and the egalitarianism in the form of equal opportunity. Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with equal opportunity. ¬†What has became a more popular rhetoric, however, is that of economic egalitarianism. Where individuals feel that they are entitled. Entitled to money, success, etc. And what we are experiencing because of this mindset is a rapid decline in patriotism when the government doesn’t grant handouts, paired with an equally startling rise in self entitlement and laziness.

The beauty of patriotism in America that my generation seems to have lost sight of is something called “The American Dream.” AKA work hard and get rewarded. Aspire to a better life. And you know what’s a shame? It’s being taught in schools as a dead notion. I remember being told by a college professor that “the American Dream isn’t real.” What a sad shame that must be to truly believe such a thing.. as she sat there, in a University classroom, living in a free Country, surrounded by men and women of many races, teaching us (BS I might add). And this is the problem with the world we live in.

The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to act as a protection to the American Dream in that, every American has the right to achieve their fullest potential. To further contribute their “utmost to society.” It was their belief that, in order to ensure national progress, we must protect citizens their right to improve their lives. This is a fundamentally different approach than that of economic egalitarianism.


I’d like to end this post with a few of my final thoughts, starting with this…

The world does not owe you anything.

Not money, respect, health, happiness. None of it.

If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, stop. Work hard and reap the benefits, play the victim and plan to lose. If there’s anyone who owes you a thing it’s yourself, so start acting like it and stop asking for handouts. Just because we honor hard work and deny those who wish to align with a victim mentality doesn’t mean that this great Nation isn’t great anymore. It means you need to reassess what you’re asking for.

Our society could gain a lot from a change in mindset. A change in priorities.

Now I’m no person of major influence, I know, but I can tell you that what I plan to do is preach these words until the day I die. Preach them to my children and to those around me. If you’ve been given a tough hand, use that hardship to motivate you in the now and forge ahead! It’s a mindset, it’s a lifestyle, it’s being an American.